Surkoya Art Carpets brings the world of art into your everyday life. Through unforgettable art pieces inspired by original artwork, we aspire to meet the exact needs of your home or business in a beautiful and affordable manner.

Surkoya unites a wide variety of artists from across the globe, from renowned masters past and present to street artists, to incorporate a truly universal and all-encompassing community of talent. Surkoya Atelier and her team of professional designers will work with you and develop inspirational pieces for all your flooring needs. Combining beautiful art with the latest state-of-the-art techniques, we will deliver a breathtaking way to show off your floors, using artistry that includes elements like the art in mosaics, wood and marble, to name a few of the techniques we use. We use the finest sari silk, wool and natural silk from India to create a full-colored, hand-knotted high-end tapestry of which you will have the only copy. For your high-traffic areas, Surkoya can also create area rugs using high-quality, easy to maintain bamboo silk to reproduce a full-color spectrum that reflects the original artwork in all of its beauty and depth, enabling you to 'live on art' and have a piece of history in your daily life. These pieces are conversation-starters that will instantly beautify and further enhance any space and show others your exquisite and unique artistic taste.

Have you ever been so inspired by the history behind the art you see in museums that you wanted to make it a part of your everyday life? Now you can!  At Surkoya we bring those pieces to life with one-of-a-kind unique tapestry in the finest silk so you can relive the inspiration and beauty every day in your own home. These pieces are recreated with love and exquisite care, directly from the original painting, combining the love of art from our artists and from Surkoya Atelier with fine craftsmanship and modern techniques to bring a whole range of new emotions from the paintings back to you. Why settle for unimaginative, run-of-the-mill carpeting when you can incorporate beauty and history into your floors as well as your walls? Bring freedom and art to your floors and into your life with our unique carpets. By expressing your artistic tastes through these pieces, you will also be contributing to the vision of uniting artists from around the world and from all walks of life. Through our expertise, Surkoya Atelier is bringing back the amazing experience of living on and around the art you already love every day.

At Surkoya, we combine our mastery in art with a highly revolutionary wavering concept, mixing almost any color without limitations to produce awe-inspiring original pieces of artwork and more. In this manner, your carpets transmit the full beauty of art, as if you were looking at an original painting on a wall. At the same time, your work of art will be unique, crafted by hand in the purest silk, to make it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Surkoya Atelier unites art, history and a new and unique revolutionary printing concept to guarantee your satisfaction and enable you to be loved by art, to live on art and to be art. Bring us your original artwork, photograph or idea, let us suggest the perfect piece for your needs. Incorporate beauty and art into your floors and into your everyday life at your home, business or venue today. We guarantee you will love the results!

Alexsandra Surkoya 

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