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Sasha Surkoya

Sasha Surkoya was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. She grew up in a very artistic and creative family. She always has been around art. During her early art classes in school in Russia, she was introduced to art and to different artists and styles. She was attached and inspired mostly by Mikhail A. Vrubel.

He was a Russian painter (1856 –1910) and very well-known for his a penchant for fragmentary composition and an 'unfinished touch'. Surkoya was fascinating by Vrubels’ idiosyncratic style and techniques...

Sasha Surkoya

She also was expired by the Italian painter and sculptor Amedeo C. Modigliani (1884-1920) whose painting style is characterized by mask-like faces and elongation of form. She has been developing her artistic skills and talents since early childhood and she considers herself as a self-taught artist. 
Surkoya moved from Moscow to London, UK in 1996 to study. During 1997, she spent 8 months in Japan studying Japanese print and graphic but this didn’t reflect on her own nowadays’ style. After her stayed in Japan, she settled back in London. Surkoya continued to pursue an interest in art. 
In 2007, she moved to the USA. She said she chose Miami because of the opportunities that the city offers. Miami and Miami Beach are one of the places for the international art world.
The Art Basel in Miami Beach brings together every year the world's best artists and galleries. 
Surkoya never went to art schools but she was one of Vaho Hazalias’ students. He is one of the greatest artists in Tbilisi, Georgia. He wanted her to be open-minded, follow her own heart, and find her own style but not to follow anyone else’s. She also was introduced to icon’s style by Vaho Hazalia. 
Through her 12 years of painting experience, she has painted in many different styles and used all kind of media. Her latest work which you can see during exhibitions and on her website is surrealistic human bodies. During one of her interviews she stated, “My latest paintings are dedicated to 21st Century relationship. These days, we can see in relationships less romance and more sexuality.”
Surkoya’s work can be found in private art collections both in The United States and abroad, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions worldwide. She also exhibited great talent during Miami Beach Art Basel in 2008 and keeps on doing it through all these years.


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