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Craig Kirk

Abstracting inferences between the revered and profane blurs the lines of taboo and acceptance. Utilizing a mixed media format to express ideas with a layered texture, Craig Kirk fuses historical contours though modern references to accent the dichotomy between sensation and faith.
With a sarcastic and honoring ambivalence, Kirk' s images reflect the muted and exploited influences of femininity on the human psyche and society at large.

'Creative expression holds an unspoken truth that is shared between the artist and the viewer. Exposing concepts through
artistic conveyance allows nuances that intersect history and the moment to become unveiled through the patterns of perception...

Craig Kirk

After moving from New Jersey over 30 years ago, Kirk focused his artistic attention towards academic achievement and earned scholarships, degrees and awards while attending Miami-Dade Community College, University of Miami and Cranbrook Academy of Fine Arts. After over 40 years of creating mixed media artwork, Kirk cites the innovative tones and stylistic nuances of Larry Rivers, Robert Rauschenberg, William De Kooning, Frances Bacon and Pre-Columbian Art as inspirational beacons and motivators for his own presentations.

By guiding students with various projects, Kirk utilizes his position as the founding art director for MAST Academy to teach art history and modern design techniques. Craig has also merged his creative spirit with interactive community projects for Miami Lighthouse For The Blind, Shake A Leg-Blind Miami, Sailing and Masterpiece 2000 with Xavier Cortada.

Enhancing characterization with embellished color and distinguished symbolism, Kirk’s visual montages convey a satirical homage to sexuality juxtaposed against classic veneer of blind innocence. 


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