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Amy B. Ballett

Amy B. Ballett OCT, A.O.C.A., B.A, B.Ed.,  is a Canadian Fine Artist/Painter. Born in Ontario, Canada in 1964.

Amy has lived in St. Catharines for all but 4 years of her life. After high school, she attended a local art program and produced a portfolio that was accepted at The Ontario College of Art in Toronto. There, Amy studied Drawing and Painting, graduating with honors in 1987.

She also attended Brock University, earning a B.A. in Visual Art and English and then, a Bachelor of Education, Secondary Teacher specializing in Visual Art. Abstracting inferences between the revered and profane blurs the lines of taboo and acceptance.

Amy B. Ballett

Amy has done many art related jobs in the course of her life including; ownership, management and curation at the Ballett Mackenzie Art Gallery, St. Catharines, Professor of Visual Art at Niagara College, freelance illustrator, muralist, full-time high school art teacher for 20 years and independent artist, participating in many  one person exhibitions and group shows. She has sold hundreds of original works to corporate and private collections throughout the world.

No longer teaching, Amy is now working daily in her own studio, producing unique images in her own experimental styles. She is active on a number of social media sites that have enabled her work to become popular worldwide.


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